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Can the boycott really effect the Israeli economy?

Israel's economy is on the verge of total collapse with no sign of recovery despite cash injections from uncle Sam. Just last month (Oct 2002) Sharon begged Washington for $10 billion in emergency aid. Inflation is sky rocketing - even the official figure is over 4 times the government target. VAT has just been raised as have fuel bills and all basic living costs like food and rents. Unemployment is soaring and salary cuts are the order of the day.
This has resulted in a series of crippling general strikes - the last one bringing the country to a standstill - flight in and out of Israel had to be suspended, radio and television broadcasts stopped and health workers only dealt with emergencies. The streets are piling up with uncollected garbage.
Foreign investment, a life-line for the zionist state, has also dried up. Figures reveal that investors have lost $5 billion of the $6.5 billion invested in Israel between 1999-2001. No one is prepared to invest any more.
The Israeli government is so short of money that its cost cutting includes shutting down several embassies and consulates around the world!
At this critical time, the importance of the global boycott of Israel and of the collaborating companies that give it its life-line cannot be overemphasised. Israel is counting every penny - every penny matters - ensure yours don't go to Israel!


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  1. Israel is a welfare State. The USA gives them, I said gives them Billions every year. So, in effect, the USA taxpayer is subsidizing apartheid, racism, genocide and the oppression of the Palestinian people.

    Ron Paul, a Republican has long been an advocate for cutting off welfare funds to Israel and all the other welfare recipients we call allies.