Stop Massacre in Gaza

What is happening right now in Gaza is something that no human being should ever have to witness or accept. On December 27, 2008, Israel launched a series of air strikes and bombing on Gaza, killing more than 200 Palestinians within the first few hours. On January 3, 2008 the Israel Occupying Forces (IOF) started their land invasion on the Gaza strip. At the time I am writing this article, the total number of Palestinians killed by these unjust attacks has mounted to over 660, with over 2,800 wounded. On the other side, the Hamas and Palestinian fighters launched homemade short range rockets, causing the

death of 10 Israelis and injuring around 30. This means that for every Israeli killed, there have been approximately 70 Palestinians killed by the IOF. It is ridiculous and shameful that no one is forcing Israel to stop their attack. A human being is still a human being, whether they are Palestinian or Israeli. It does not make sense that there is death on both sides, with the Palestinians having a death toll that is 70 times higher death numbers than that of the Israelis. This is not a matter of math equations and numbers; we are talking about humans and their lives. Each one of the people who died had a family, a life, stories and things to accomplish...

Posted by: Basel Jarrad

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